Hello!  Welcome to the Valley Vibes blog post! 

This has been long in the works, and I have taken time out of my book reading schedule to put into words what we chat about on our pod.

So Welcome!  I’m Marcie and my co-host is Kym and we record our weekly podcast out of the podcast room of the Sheep River Library in the stunning Diamond Valley.  And despite a snowfall warning this week, we have been pretty lucky to live in one of the most beautiful areas in Alberta.

Kym and I like to recap our week, what we’ve been up to and give our thoughts and reviews of what we’ve done.  Kym recently went to the comedian Matt Rife ProbleMATTic tour.  She really enjoyed the show and despite him wearing a beanie which prompted the crowd to  start chanting ‘take it off’.  He didn’t though, citing hat hair.

So this brought up the conversation of what comedians we had seen last, and I had mentioned checking out an all female group that had a show at Kickers and that it was a great show, but it happened to be on the evening of the Diamond Valley Youth Foundation’s Fall Fling.  It was a busy night with lots of different commitments and then Kym said her favorite comedian David Spade was ALSO in town that night (well Calgary) and she couldn’t see him either.

We went on to talk about other shows we had missed (Chelsea Handler back in 2021) and another near miss with David Spade for Kym when there was a freak snowstorm and her parents couldn’t make it to watch the kids so she couldn’t go.

Overall, Matt Rife was great, she had a lovely dinner with her pal (Milestones) and no snow.  Win/Win.

While we were talking about food, it reminded me that I had gone on my first grade 7 field trip with my son’s class and I got to try Carl’s Jr. for the first time and I was NOT a fan.  Maybe it was just that location but my chicken burger was so over cooked it looked brown like a beef burger.  I hope that if I try it again, it was just an isolated incident.

Kym had to head to the south passport office this week with her youngest, and it turns out the service there is still struggling.  Took about 2 hours to have their number called, but it was a good thing she did it in person as she filled out a part of the application wrong.  Which lets be honest, is really the only reason you sit there for 2 hours is to have someone look it over for you.  I’ve had my picture rejected before and they sent me to a photo studio that was around the corner where a sweet man took my picture and helped me out with my clothes AND makeup.  Full service passport office photo studio!  And if anyone is looking for somewhere local-ish to get their photos, Staples in Okotoks does them now that Costco has closed their photo department.

One thing that I got up to this week was I finished my first book in a new series!  I went through the ACOTAR (A Court of Thorn and Roses) and just finished Fourth Wing.  I was really trying to get over the ACOTAR hangover with something similar and while it’s pretty good, ACOTAR is still my favorit.  I did convince Kym to read it and she has better self control than I do and is reading it at a normal pace (she’s on chapter 20).  The books tend to jump around a bit but the overall stories are really great if you like fantasy.  These are adult books by the way, not for children!!!

Kym went to a paint night, and painted a Gnome at Kickers and had a great time with a group of friends.  Unfortunately she still has no clue where she’s going to hang her artwork in her home, and so it went with her other paint night painting of a highland cow.  These paint nights happen monthly at Kickers and you can check them out on their facebook page for all the updates.

The last Kym update was that she has gotten an appointment with a dermatologist to mole map her body!  This is something that you can request from your Dr. is completely free and is great to keep track to make sure you don’t have any suspicious looking moles.  Sometimes it can take a while on the waitlist but if that’s something your interested in, you should totally check it out.  Again, totally free!

Ok, so what’s coming up in the Diamond Valley and area:

March 23 – Beavers Bottle Dr – if you can put your bottles on your curb, that would be great!

March 23 – Spring Time Renewal of the Soul at Spisherbocker Books $60 per person – tickets available here – https://www.spisherbockerbooks.com/events

March 24 – Foothills Skating Club AGM from 11-1 potluck at Griffiths Centre

March 24 – Arts Council AGM at 1:00 at the Arts Council

March 24 – Easter Palooza at Millarville Church 12 – 3 ages 6 to 11.  Registration was the 19th but maybe there is still space – register at millarvillechurch.org

March 27 – Diamond Valley Youth Foundation 1 year celebration at the Turner Valley Legion at 7:00

April 6 & 7 – Snow Shoe baseball tournament $25 per player – message Shelby Lee Earle

So now that the business has been taken care of, what has really been on our minds?  Well, it’s Where on Earth is Kate Middleton!  If you haven’t heard by now, Kate Middleton hasn’t been seen since December 2023.  And while she has had an undisclosed abdominal surgery, things just don’t seem to add up!  A photo was released and it was highly edited so that started the speculation, and now there is a grainy, TMZ video of her walking out of a market (which honestly looks like a christmas market, so the timeline isn’t adding up).  It makes you wonder with all the fanfare that’s been surrounding her, that there would be better footage of this event but alas, it is a cellphone video which seems … suspicious.  So Kym’s theory is that Prince William has gotten Rose Hanbury (his mistress) pregnant and with an ailing Charles wanted to abdicate the throne but he’s not able to because Kate wants a divorce.

I think that Kate still wants to be Queen and is fine with the mistress and love child as long as they stay in the shadows and William is pushing back on it and they are currently in negotiations.  And right now Kate is putting the pressure on by staying out of the spotlight which isn’t looking great for the Royal Family especially with everything with Harry and Megan.  Is Kate hanging out at Taylor Swift’s new London home?  I’m not sure we will ever really know what’s going on.

Regardless, Kym and I vow to keep everyone up to date as the unofficial Diamond Valley Royal Family Correspondents.

So our guest this week was the lovely Chef Steph of Spaghetti Tree Chef located in Okotoks.  Chef Steph offers a variety of cooking and baking classes and camps in her home, but also can come to you!  Her classes are for all ages and focus on culinary literacy and building confidence in the kitchen.  Between Kym and I 5 of the 6 of our children have taken a class with Chef Steph which run Monday-Friday from 4:30-6:30PM.  You can find a full offering at https://www.spaghettitreechef.com/. It alternates between cooking and baking and after each class your child comes home with a delicious meal or dessert they can share with everyone.  Chef Steph meticulously works around dietary restrictions and has your child cooking in no time.  Check out our latest episode for the full interview with Chef Steph on Spotfiy!

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